Instagram Inspired

Instagram Inspired | Dreamery EventsSo we’ve made it through the first week of 2017. Yes, already! Contrary to how some may have dove into the new year with a determination to get things done, the first week of the new year actually got off to a very slow start to me, thank you stomach bug. But honestly, I’m glad I had a reason to slowly ease into things. I’m guilty of wanting to do too much, right away and all at once, and this year it’s one of my goals to, not necessarily do less, but to take things one step at a time and not stretch myself so thin. I was able to really focus on my goals and intentions for this year, determine the few I wanted to tackle this month,  as well as plan out the next few weeks with deadlines for upcoming parties, to do lists, create blog post ideas, and started the slow process of decluttering the entire house. Office, check!

And one of my favorite things I like to do the first week of any new year, is to work on my vision board. I’ll have my main one on Pinterest, then choose my absolute favorite images and hang onto my board above my desk to inspire me each day. To kick off the first Friday of 2017, I’ve gathered some of the beautiful Instagram shots that have been inspiring me the last month….I’ve learned the easiest way to peel a pomegranate, fell in love with cutest flowers girls walking the ring bearer dog in leashes covered with lush greenery, and am dreaming of cooking in the most beautiful minimalist rustic kitchen!









Everything Else


top image via @youandlu

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