Inspiring Words : The Refined Woman

Inspiring Words : The Refined Woman | Dreamery Events This weekend marked a very important one for our nation. Regardless of your political party it will go down in history for many different reasons. I try not to get very political here, but if you’re a reader you may guess how I feel about certain things. But Saturday’s marches simply brought me to tears, in a good way. I was so moved by images of Instagram friends at marches, and the beautiful speeches from activists and celebrities, from marches not only all over our country, but all over the world! How amazing is that, that the entire world came together to fight for humanity. I may not agree with the individuals in power, but the one positive thing I feel this has all brought, contrary to what most may say, is that it has united our country. It has awaken all of us, both women and men, to come together, motivate and empower us to raise our voices! So, thank you to all who marched this weekend, I wish I was there to be a part of history with you.

Today’s Inspiring Words has become somewhat of my mantra. I love that Instagram allows us to connect with so many amazing individuals, including The Refined Woman who liked one of my photos, and I of course has to check them out. And I instantly fell in love with everything they stood for. Their manifesto is just beautiful and inspired me greatly, I even put it on my vision board. It simply, and eloquently, describes everything the millions who marched this weekend stand for, and what we will continue to be. We are the refined women, and men, who will foster good, and question and fight back negativity and skepticism. To all my fellow female entrepreneurs, which our numbers keep rising, let’s keep our heads up, our heart glowing, and our persistent determination stronger than ever!

Happy Monday!

image via The Refined Woman

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