DIY Lemon Eucalyptus Room Spray

img_5713Some of us choose to start the new year by detoxing the month of January, but my goal was to give the entire house and work spaces a major diet. I’ve been a pretty organized person all my life, you’re talking to the girl who has always color coded her closet and planner. But after reading Marie Kondo’s book last year I wanted to take it up a notch. As an event planner and baker, naturally we accumulate plenty of items, because we know very well somewhere down the line we will need those tree stumps. But decluttering and organizing is actually fun for me, although it took an entire month everything has now been given a proper home, a good clean or placed into one of five large boxes to donate. It’s been so refreshing to start February with a completely clean slate.

In order for the house to feel truly refreshing and clean, I love infusingg it with scents. From gardenia incense to soy candles and the most powerful of all, essential oils. If you’re not an avid user of oils, you should be! Not only do they smell good, they can help us sleep, relax, energize before a workout as well as alleviate sicknesses and pain. Yes, that tiny bottle of essential oil can do all of that!

img_5701With my desire for a new year’s refresh and a bit more energy, I’ve developed a bigger appreciation for using oils. Since we tend to spend most of these winter months indoors, cozying up, I wanted to share a simple, and all natural, DIY room spray that I’ve been using to make my house smell as beautiful and refreshing as it is clean.

Whenever you use purchase essential oils, make sure they are the highest quality and pure, so that you ensure you’re getting the exact ingredients and benefits you’re paying for. Like with eucalyptus, which I love using during winter because it is both woodsy and invigorating, but can sometimes be cheap because it’s actually made from camphorwood which smells very similar yet lacks all the important benefits of pure eucalyptus.

Since eucalyptus can be a bit overwhelming, I added in a bit of lemon essential oil to make it truly energizing and then a few drops of lavender to soften both. It’s subtle yet refreshing, but you can certainly make the scent stronger if you prefer.

img_5709Along with decluttering it’s been my goal in the last few years to truly live sustainably, which includes using natural cleaning products I make myself. So not only is this DIY room spray more affordable than store bought, instead of filling your home with toxic fumes, the eucalyptus actually helps to kill off bacteria, germs and viruses. Have I convinced you to make your own room freshener now?

I love the way these turned out, and how something so simple can make each day just a bit more special. And how lovely is this bottle? It’s actually a plant mister I got for a $3 steal from Michael’s. There is no reason function can’t look nice too. I love how pretty it looks sitting on the bathroom tray alongside bath salts and fresh flowers.

img_5711I love this DIY so much because it also makes for a lovely gift! Choose customized scents, place it into a pretty perfume bottle and tie it with a beautiful tag. I made mini versions of these and gifted them to the women in my family for Christmas, specifically to help them sleep or use on their face {which I will also be sharing with you later this week} and they loved it!

You’ll Need

  • 100% Organic Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 100% Organic Pure Lemon Essential Oil
  • 100% Organic Pure Lavender Essential Oil
  • Unscented Witch Hazel
  • Distilled water
  • Glass Spray Bottle {I used a 6 oz. bottle – adjust measurements for the size of your bottle}
  • Medicine Dropper

img_5703Add 15 drops of the eucalyptus oil, 30 drops of the lemon oil and 20 drops of the lavender oil into your bottle and swirl together. Add in the witch hazel halfway, then fill the bottle the rest of the way with distilled water. If you don’t have distilled water, you may fill the entire bottle with witch hazel. Seal bottle, and swirl to combine all the oils.

Use it…whenever you the air needs a refresh, onto the rugs, sheets, and curtains.

Keep in Mind…Natural separation does occur since oil never truly combines with water, but don’t worry it still does the job. Before each use, shake the bottle gently to redistribute the oils.

Just imagine coming home from work or “just one of those days” to a house that smells so pretty. Here’s how you can create your very own DIY Lemon Eucalyptus and Lavender room spray…

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