DIY Lavender Rose Pillow & Face Mist

Lavender Rose Pillow & Face Mist | Dreamery EventsValentine’s day is right around the corner, and to me the best kind of gifts are the ones that come from the heart and that you make yourself. How can your heart not melt receiving a Valentine made by a child? I’ve said it before, but I like celebrating Valentine’s Day by showing everyone in my life how much I care for them, not just a significant other. Whether a batch of freshly baked cookies, a handwritten card, or a lovely smelling fragrance for the ladies that support you.Lavender Rose Pillow & Face Mist | Dreamery EventsI spray the relaxing mist onto my pillow and eye mask every night as I get ready for bed, and have definitely been able to notice an even bigger improvement on how fast I’m able to fall asleep. I find just the simple act of spritzing my pillow and taking in the calming scents triggers my brain to know it’s time to call it a night. But what I love most is that it’s made with natural ingredients.

If you have to buy most of the ingredients, don’t worry I’m sure you’ll have plenty of use for them, including different scents to spritz on your pillow, a spare face mist to keep in your bag for an afternoon freshen up and even this all-natural room spray. And you don’t have to use every single ingredient I did, got ahead and use various essential oils to create a customized scent that will help you get better Zzz’s or help brighten your mood. I just received Neroli {Orange Blossom} oil, which is my absolute favorite scent, and I can’t wait to add a few drops into my face mist.Lavender Rose Pillow & Face Mist | Dreamery EventsThis Christmas I made a batch of calming lavender pillow sprays for the older women, because I knew they all had sleeping problems, and a refreshing rose face mist for the gals always on the go. And they loved it! I choose to make the base for both the pillow and face sprays the same, simply changing the ratio of lavender and rose oils. That way each scent could actually work for both uses. The secret ingredients; rose water and argan oil which are powerful moisturizers.

But my favorite part about this DIY, are these pretty glass perfume bottles which you can buy on Amazon. They seriously make a simple DIY gift a bit fancy. The oil doesn’t fully mix, so if you prefer not to see the separation then opt for a tinted bottle. And if you’ve got Amazon Prime you can have them in two days, just in time for Valentine’s day!Lavender Rose Pillow & Face Mist | Dreamery EventsI finished by using a white paint pen t0 write lovely sayings on each bottle. You can write down the scent or name each fragrance any fun thing you want. For my gifts, I choose to write “Sleep Tight” on the pillow sprays, and “You’re Beautiful” on the face mists because we could all use a daily reminder to feel pretty. To complete the perfect little Valentine gift, place each bottle in a small canvas sachet bag, along with a tag that let’s each gal know what to do with her spray and a lovely eye mask. Now that’s a Valentine’s Day gift that shows you really care.

These pretties have become one of my favorite DIY gifts no matter the occasion, so don’t forget to make a few for yourself too!Lavender Rose Pillow & Face Mist | Dreamery Events

You’ll Need

Lavender Rose Pillow & Face Mist | Dreamery EventsFor the Pillow Spray, using the medicine dropper add 30 drops of the lavender oil, 15 drops of the ylang ylang oil, 5 drops of the Argan oil and 10 drops of rose water into your bottle. Fill the rest with the witch hazel and gently swirl to combine. Before each use gently shake.

For the Face Mist, using the medicine dropper add 10 drops of the lavender oil, 20 drops of the ylang ylang oil, 10 drops of the neroli oil, 10 drops of the Argan oil and 6 tablespoons of rose water into your bottle. Fill the rest with the witch hazel and gently swirl to combine. Before each use gently shake.

If you prefer a stronger scent, you can always add more drops, but I suggest starting with these. The scent is mild, yet noticeable, which doesn’t make it too overpowering right before bedtime. As you use your sprays you can also add more drops of oil to keep the scent fresh. Just be careful not to use too much on your pillow as it will make it damp. Lavender Rose Pillow & Face Mist | Dreamery EventsBetter for you than sweets, last longer than flowers and are as sweet as pretty as both. Are you convinced these little fragrances make the better Valentine gifts for your ladies and you?!

Happy Valentine’s weekend!

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