Monthly Reflections | January

Monthly Reflections | January || Dreamery EventsWe’re reached the middle of February already, and I haven’t even shared what I’ve been up to during January. I’ve been busy making, planning, and styling things for an enchanted woodland birthday in two weeks {which I can’t wait to share with you} along with weekly dessert orders and kid’s cooking camps, that I haven’t even had the time to put this post together. So 2017 was off to a great start professionally, I’ve got a few parties lined up for the next few months, a wedding for next year, more dessert orders including a monthly corporate account for birthday cakes and even taken on some calligraphy work.

I wanted a clean slate this year, and to grow and build more upon all that I’ve accomplished. January’s goals were simple; to declutter, both physically and mentally. If you’ve been reading then you know I tackled the month-long task of organizing the house, office and my catering space. I also w Now that I’ve let go of unnecessary things, February is about bringing in freshness with natural DIYs, repurposing items to provide more function and simply be more love.

On a personal level, January meant getting back into the swing of regular exercise which included more yoga, committing to my daily Italian lessons and strengthening my calligraphy skills. I found myself back into the kitchen cooking up new recipes, which included tons of fresh citrus meals, this delicious chickpea curry and cozy Sunday pizza making. Because stocking the freezer with gourmet pizza slices totally comes in handy when you come home starving from running errands.

I also made an effort to stick to my morning and evening beauty routines everyday, but February I’m aiming to change certain habits. It’s my goal to “turn off” early but that’s been easier said than. I actually don’t spend the day on my phone, I allocate three, five minute breaks during the day to do so, but by nighttime while I’m watching TV I get lost reading blogs, researching, and being inspired, that I end being on my phone pretty much until I’m ready for bed. It most definitely has made getting up in the morning hard. I’ve seriously got to get bed earlier, that’s that! Monthly Reflections | January || Dreamery EventsMy mediations have also gotten deeper and while going through post drafts I stumbled upon this piece I spontaneously wrote on a day I needed to get certain feelings out. I never found the right time to post it, well after receiving news about another sad and unexpected death of someone I went to high school with, I felt there was no better time then today’s reflection post to do so…

…So I came to a deep realization about Life Saturday morning. My mediation was all about time. About allowing cosmic time to guide you and its flow to carry you forward when making decisions. So it got me thinking…have you ever tried to predict what’s going to happen next in your life, like you do in a book or movie? It never really occurred to me, but we pretty much do it all the time whenever we think and worry about our futures. That’s the thing, we pretty much should know where we are headed in our story of life. But it’s life, and life is unexpected, and you may never what can happen in a second…Monthly Reflections | January || Dreamery Events…It’s why we must be extremely grateful and thankful for what we have. If life is treating us well right now, we need to persevere through, and continue to put out more good and kindness into the world. That’s one thing we can control about our life’s story plot. We can control the way we treat loved ones, strangers and everyone we interact with, including ourselves. The more good we put out, the more we shall get in return. Of course the reason we have somewhat of an idea of how our story is going to end, is because are constantly making choices that are taking us to the end we want.

If these choices are ones to better us and lead us to our goals, then we know we’re going with the cosmic flow of timing. We are simply turning the page in a chapter of our life. If we keep working towards are dreams, achieving our goals, doing things we love and make us happy, and sharing it with the people that in turn make us happy and loved, then I think we’re doing a pretty good job of writing this story we call Life….

Getting the words to reflect on the last four {now 6} months has been quite hard. But like every great novel, every part of Life is not brimming with as much happiness or satisfaction as another. Isn’t that the funny and interesting thing about life, one part can be rewarding, positive and fills you up with so much drive and motivation, while another plot in that same chapter causes anxiety and sadness….In the end, however big or small a decision in our lives, it has to feel right for us. If we feel that it will lead us to our aspirations, then we have to believe we’re following the perfect storyline of this epic story, we can LIFE.

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