Instagram Inspired

Well, February has been flying hasn’t it? Actually, I don’t mind it too much. It only means that Spring is that much closer, and with the warm weekend we’re expecting, it will be such a tease. But well worth it, as long as when March arrives it takes a chill pill and allows us to enjoy the ever increasing sunny days. How quickly Instagram went from Valentine hearts, chocolate and everything red, to flowers, European travels, and al fresco parties. My eye has been drawn to home interiors, and find myself craving a good decor change, a definite sign Spring is approaching. I’m digging green color palettes, naturally my favorite color draws me in, and I’m excited about everything in this year’s color choice. Then there are the most stunning photographs of zoomed-in paint palettes, something so simple but I find breathtaking. And then there are the prettiest cupcakes that have given me such a big inspiration to create a unique look for my cupcakes, just as lovely as Baker P….


@oncewed | @magnoliarouge | @loverly | @loverly | @loverly | @marchesafashion |

Party Time

@greylike | @beijosevents | @thebridescafe | @charliewhiskeydesign@charliewhiskeydesign | @inspiredbythis |


@gatherevents | @julieblanner | @etsy | @maymartinfine | @jennasuedesign | @celesteclark |

Food & Styling

@loverly | @kitchykitchen | @woodlark | @blackbirds | @bakerp_ | @bakerp_ |

Everything Else

@saffronavenue | @loverly | @thechalkboardmag | @magnolia | @sarahlundart@marchesafashion |

Wishing you a very happy & inspired weekend!!

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