Monthly Reflections | February

Monthly Reflections | February | Dreamery EventsFebruary quickly came and went, if you blinked too slowly you may have missed it. February is the shortest month and it naturally feels like it goes by quickly, but it actually felt quite balanced for me. I was busy with several dessert orders and a big beautiful 1st birthday at the end of the month, yet I seemed to have time for it all and “me” time. The blog may have been put on the back burner just a bit, but that meant that more content was accumulating, which means I’ve got plenty to share with you this upcoming month, including some projects I did way back in the Fall. Did you enjoy February, was it filled with love? …Here’s just a bit of what I’ve been up to this past month and a recap on how my goals are shaping up…

You’ll notice a plethora of Patriots gear, it’s a sign of my affection and dedication for my football team, that I never stopped believing in them. I still can’t believe they won their 5th Superbowl and I enjoyed it with the girls, fun games and this tasty lemon hummus.

Decluttering was the biggest goal for the first two months of the year. It’s finally done, and I managed to donate a heck load of items. Don’t get me wrong I haven’t totally paired down to the minimal essentials, I am an event planner and crafter after all, but it felt absolutely amazing to get rid of unnecessary items just taking up space. This led to tackling Spring Cleaning early with another one of my goals to live more sustainably.

As a huge nature lover, someone who’s family are farmers in Portugal, it hits extremely close to home that the administration leading our government doesn’t believe in global warming, so this year I’ve made it an even bigger mission to make daily choices that will produce less waste and toxins. This includes natural room fresheners and pillow sprays, and  I’ve got a few more all-natural Spring Cleaning DIY’s coming your way.

I also committed to my beauty regimen by swapping out certain products I was using for cruelty and paraben-free ones, as well as investing in these tampons. Yes, I went there, but ladies did you ever stop to think about how much waste we produce with those plastic tubes each month. Or what is actually in those tampons that we’re placing into our bodies?! It’s kind of alarming that they don’t fully disclose what exactly goes into making them, and I had enough.

There was plenty of sweet treats this month. Valentine’s is naturally a loving sweet month, there were pretty sugar cookies and decadent molten lava cakes, classic cupcakes for one of my brides and her bridal party brunch, the cutest Nautical baby boy sprinkles shower cake and a huge risk for me. Ask any baker or caterer deciding to take on a specialty cake, and one you’ve never made before, for a wedding cake, even it’s a small one, is definitely a big gamble. But this Kerala Plum Cake turned out absolutely delicious! Oh, and there was an amazing chocolate raspberry cake that I have to do a short post and share with you because it’s that good!

I finished this month off with one of my favorite styling parties. I’ve mentioned this Enchanted Forest 1st birthday, but I seriously can’t wait to get the rest of the amazing photographs. There is no slowing down with events though, I’ve got a few lined up for July, one with a really cool and unique theme, that will be a fun little challenge for me to design. So what does March have in store for me….Monthly Reflections | February | Dreamery EventsWe all know how much I love Spring, I’m a June baby who thrives in nature and this season is my prime. I’ve started planning all my spring projects and recipes, including the garden.

On the professional side of things, aside from desserts and events, I’ll have a bit of time to start tackling my website redesign. Now that my little business is growing I need a site update that reflects Dreamery Events and everything we do. I also plan on practicing my calligraphy, with a few projects planned in the next few months, practice is always a good thing and never enough.

This year has been pretty good so far, and I can’t help but feel grateful each day for my life.  I’m continuing to look forward to what’s to come, including a fun trip I have planned and have wanted to take for years.

Spring brings a new freshness into out lives. How are you planning to take on March?

Cake Photo via JD Photography

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