Wedding Inspiration : The “New” Veil

Wedding Inspiration : The "New" Veil | Dreamery EventsAfter the big day is all said and celebrated, there’s few things brides regret but once they look back on their beautiful photos, most wish they hadn’t skipped on a special veil. After all, it’s one of the few days in your life you can get away with wearing an ornate headpiece or vintage veil.  really one of the only days in your life you can get away with wearing one!

In recent years, the emergence of bespoke bridal accessory shop has defintely  grown. The only downfall, it gives brides an even harder choice between endless stunning choices that are beyond your simple tulle veil. I’m not even going to touch on flower crowns because they’re in their own spectrum of bridal headpieces. Modern brides are finally rejoicing with so many chic and minimalist pieces that aren’t too busy for their taste, and boho babes are celebrating crystals and “free spirit” headbands.

A major part of completing your bridal look really comes down to the perfect accessories and these days weddings trends are allowing brides to step outside the norm of tradition and showcasing their unique style. With so many pretty bridal hair accessories, I had to round up some of the biggest trends for the “new” wedding veil and share some of my favorites.

Raw Crystals 

Phalean Crystal Comb via Naturae Design | Isolde Quartz Crown via Emma Katzka
Gwenyth Crown via Emma Katzka | Rue Comb via Emma Katzka | Kalani Comb via Naturae Design

Emma Katzka’s is probably one of my favorites, I seriously can’t get enough of her Crystal headpieces!

Romantic Hair Vines & Wraps

Fiore Headwrap via Emma Katzka | Hera Headwrap via Emma Katzka
Hair Vine via Myra Kim | Iris Headband via Naturae Design

Tiaras Aren’t Just for Princesses 

Ella Headband via Naturae Designs | Gold Floral Headband via Berkiva Designs
Persephone Halo via Emma Katzka | Lia Tiara via Emma Katzka
Flora Luxe Headband via Liv Hart | Finale Headband via Liv Hart
Henri Beaded Bridal Crown via Tania Maras | Cordelia Crown via Erica Elizabeth Design

Intricate Floral Combs

Octavia Headpiece via Emma Katzka | Raluca Headpiece via Jannie Baltzer
Vivienne Gold Leaves Headpiece via Berkiva Designs | Faia Floral Comb via Emma Katzka

Along with raw crystal pieces, this flower lover is totally smitten with all the intricate floral headpieces. These are just stunning, don’t you think?!

A Nod to Vintage

Raya Chapel Length Bridal Veil via Berkiva Designs | Lola Veil via Emma Katzka
Sibyll via Emma Katzka | Marielle Cap via Liv Hart
Celine Veil via Liv Hart | Maya Birdcage via Jannie Baltzer

Modern Classics

Nova Veil via Naturae Design | Ester Veil via Jannie Baltzer
Isadora Fingertip Lace Veil via Tania Maras | Carolina Herrera Veil via Harpers Bazaar
Cascading Fleur Lace Veil via BHLDN | Sonnet Veil via BHLDN | Painted Flora Veil via BHLDN

I dare you not to fall in love with all of these pieces, I won’t judge if you decide to invest in one even if you’re not getting married…

Top Image via Howling Moon UK

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