DIY Child or Pet Teepee

DIY Child or Pet Teepee | Dreamery EventsLet the Spring crafting begin! As we begin our Spring cleaning we also get excited for fun crafts that brighten and bring new life to our homes. And today I’ve got a fun DIY for the kiddos or pets, a cool Teepee! Teepees are everywhere these days, from nurseries to kid’s lounges at weddings, and even our furry four-pawed best friends are being treated to these chill hangout spots. I freakin’ love teepees and can’t get enough of them, draped in boho fringe and lush florals, my little hippie skips a beat whenever I spot one. So I was definitely excited when my cousin asked me to make her a custom cat teepee, but this super easy and on trend can be done pet, child and even adult sized!DIY Child or Pet Teepee | Dreamery EventsIf you’re having a boho, rustic or outdoor wedding, how fun would it be to have a custom teepee for guests to hang out! Putting this DIY post together, which I made all the way back in the Fall, has me seriously wishing I had the space to make one for Marley. Actually, can I create one for myself?! Enough about how much I love teepees, let’s get to how to…. DIY Child or Pet Teepee | Dreamery EventsDIY Child or Pet Teepee | Dreamery Events

You’ll Need

  • 5 Wooden Dowels, 1/2″ thick {40″ long for Pets – 60″ long for Children}
  • 1 1/2 yards Drop Cloth or Printed Fabric, of choice {cut into 60″ W X 30″ H}
  • 3 yards Rope or Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • White Chalk, to mark on fabric
  • Iron-On Hem or Needle & Thread
  • 1/2″ round Non-Slip Rounds

DIY Child or Pet Teepee | Dreamery Events

Before cutting your fabric, measure the length of your dowels from the ground to about 6″ from the top. This is the length of the fabric you’ll need.

For the cover of your teepee, you’ll need to create a half-circle shape from your fabric. The radius of the circle will be the same size as the height of your dowel, so around 34″ for pets’ 40″ dowels and about 54″ for kids’ 60″ dowels. Fold your fabric in half, and starting from one corner of the folded sides, measure out 4o inches and mark it. Pivot the measuring tape to create the half circle shape, keeping one end at the corner and marking at 40 inches. Continue pivoting until you’ve made an arc on the fabric, then cut it out.

If you use a simple painter’s canvas you can use this teepee for outdoor fun! But it works perfectly indoors too, and is the best fabric if you want to paint a custom design.

To tie your dowels together, you can choose a method you prefer but I suggest starting with 2 dowels placed vertically next to another, then cross one dowel to create a “T” 6″ down from the end of the dowels. Place non-slip rounds on the end of each dowel that will be placed on the floor.

Start by wrapping the rope around the crossed dowels by “X”, and then taking the longer end of the rope and tucking it underneath the “X”. Next, take the longer piece of rope that you tucked under the “X” and wrap it around the three dowels about 8 times. Open the 3 secure dowels to create a tripod that stands up on its own. Then add the remaining 2 dowels, and continue to tightly wrap the rope between the dowels over the rope already there. Continue to cross the rope over and over, then knot to secure. Don’t wrap the rope too tightly around the dowels, or else you won’t be able to adjust them to fit your space.

The front two dowels should create a 26″ opening, with the other three spaced about 15″ apart from each other. This of course depends on the size you want or if using taller dowels for a children’s sized teepee, then the opening would be wider.

Wrap cut fabric around the dowels, securing with pins down until the desired size opening. Using iron-on hem or needle and thread, secure the fabric ends together. I prefer a larger opening in the fabric but you can choose to glue the fabric further down, to make a small opening.

Make a small slit on each fabric piece, on the top of the glued section, so it doesn’t fray. Loop the string through and tie a bow.

DIY Child or Pet Teepee | Dreamery Events I love the look of teepees with a perfectly draped opening. Gather each side of fabric to the dowel and make two slits where you can insert a piece of rope or ribbon. Then tie a bow around the dowel to secure open. Not glueing anything onto the dowels also allows you to easily remove it and wash, because with pets and children that is a total necessity.

I left the edges raw on this fabric, because well I don’t think our furry friends will care, but if you are making it for a child’s room feel free to sew the edges neatly if you prefer a cleaner look.DIY Child or Pet Teepee | Dreamery EventsAnd that’s that! How freakin’ adorable is this DIY, and my boy Marley cozying up inside. I was actually surprised Marley enjoyed testing it out for sweet Carter so much. I felt bad when he didn’t actually keep it, just means I’ll have to make his very own. But Carter loves her teepee, I spot her in there every time I visit my cousin. DIY Child or Pet Teepee | Dreamery EventsThese is a great DIY for those last days of winter and children to explore and play inside with their oh so cool Teepee! DIY Child or Pet Teepee | Dreamery Events

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