I’m Loving… | My Spring Goals

Spring Goals | Dreamery Events

Spring has officially sprung, well except for the actual warm weather. It comes and goes, but you can definitely feel the change in the air and sun. I’m really looking forward to this Spring. Of course it’s my favorite time of year, there’s just so much to do and look forward to, number one being able to be outside and do everything from work, to mediation, exercise, gardening…you catch me drift. I’ve also got a really exciting trip planned for the end of May and my birthday that I absolutely can’t wait for {more details coming soon}. But I also have a couple parties in July, so these next few months will be filled with lots of creative projects for clients.

If you’ve checked out my Pinterest page, you may have noticed a lot of Dinosaurs. Did you hear they’re the new swan of the season? Well they’re also the theme of a fun birthday I’m styling, so get ready for adorable overload. Most of my Spring goals are simple; getting out more and discovering new places in NJ, working on my creative skills and trying to new techniques, organizing my home in a more functional way while repurposing items, and cook more inspiring dishes. Just the simple things I love doing during this season. What are you hoping to do this Spring? Here’s what I’m loving lately and some of the ideas I plan on tackling this season…

I'm Loving... | Dreamery EventsI’m not typically one for loud patterns or bright colors, but there is something about this mixed pattern tablescape that totally works. Definitely inspires me to go outside of my comfort zone and I love it! via Oh Joy

Gender reveals are almost mandatory these days, and the race for the most creative way to do so is on. Isn’t this hatched egg just adorable or how about this insane contraption that took three days to put together!  via Style Me Pretty

Bridal fashion is just getting more gorgeous each season! via Harpers Bazaar

This is how you do modern and edgy forest inspired wedding flowers. via Green Wedding Shoes

I'm Loving... | Dreamery Events Mules and slides are one of the hottest trends this season, and I’m loving these suede ones with pom poms! via Anthropologie

With a paired down closet, this Spring I want to up my style game and create a wardrobe with pieces I love. And I’m craving linens, neutrals and sophisticated separates. via Lauren Conrad

Garden season is approaching. While we gather bulbs, seeds and tools, don’t forget a lovely hat to make the experience even more beautiful. via Terrain

The aloe vera plant in my room has sprouted three new baby plants. Instead of my large planter, these DIY mini plant stands are just the perfect display for each little aloe. via Homey Oh My

I'm Loving... | Dreamery EventsMy spring cleaning is basically all done, except for the kitchen cabinets and the pesky utensil drawer. I’m thinking this DIY hanging holder is a must for a minimalist way to tackle that overflowing drawer. via Grillo Designs

Messiness on the floor near the kitchen sink is inevitable, but this vinyl kitchen mat is both gorgeous and makes cleanup a breeze. via Food52

Start gathering your summer recipes because grilling season is almost upon us and all I want are tacos! via Bakers Royale

There was unicorn cupcakes and milkshakes, but Mermaid toast, this I’m totally behind! via Vibrant and Pure


Are you addicted to Big Little Lies as I am? The second the intro song “Cold Little Heart” starts playing, I’m hooked. I’m now obsessed with  Michael Kiwanuka his amazing voice and sound.

Happy Spring all!


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