The Easiest “No Sew” Pillow Cover Ever

The Easiest "No Sew" Pillow Cover Ever | Dreamery EventsHave you finished all your Spring cleaning? If you’re anything like me, once the house is fresh and clean, and Spring comes around, I crave a design change. And if you didn’t already know, a simple throw pillow swap is like magic when transforming any room. But why buy yet another pillow that will just accumulate in your home, it’s all about minimalism remember, when you can easily create a new addition to your home’s design. When Spring approaches it’s natural to want a change, something different in our homes, and incorporating new throw pillows in a fun color or print is the easiest way to do so. Even more so when they’re DIY and “No Sew”!! Yes my darlings, I’ve got the easiest DIY you can make to satisfy your desire to redecorate this Spring, without even using a sewing machine!The Easiest "No Sew" Pillow Cover Ever | Dreamery Events
Believe me when I tell you this DIY is crazy easy and fast. In 10 minutes you can make yourself a brand new beautiful pillow to decorate any room. Did I mention you only need four supplies, and that’s not including a pillow you already have. So let’s get to it, because I know you’re already searching for just the right fabric to use…The Easiest "No Sew" Pillow Cover Ever | Dreamery Events

You’ll Need

  • Fabric
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Pins
  • Iron-On Fabric Hem, 1/2″ thickness
  • Pillow, one you already own or an insert


The Easiest "No Sew" Pillow Cover Ever | Dreamery EventsMeasure your piece of fabric so that it’s the width of your pillow insert plus 1″and double the length plus 12″. Use pins to mark then cut.The Easiest "No Sew" Pillow Cover Ever | Dreamery EventsMaking sure the fabric is inside out, with the printed side facing up, fold the ends over each other. Once folded, your fabric should be the exact length of your pillow. To create a cleaner look once your pillow cover is done, make a seam by cutting two pieces of iron-on hem the size of the short ends of the fabric {this will be the edges that are folded over each other to create the opening you stuff your pillow}.

Fold the seam over the iron-on hem, press with iron to adhere and secure. Repeat on the other edge. Make sure your fabric remains inside out and folded over itself to the exact size of the pillow before continuing.

Measure and cut the iron-on hem to fit your open sides. Place the iron-on hem in, between the top and bottom layers of fabric, close to the edge. Press with the iron as the package suggests, to secure in place. Repeat on the other side. Allow to cool slightly. {This simple video shows you exactly what I’m describing}

Turn the pillow cover right side out, then stuff your pillow through the flap.

The Easiest "No Sew" Pillow Cover Ever | Dreamery EventsDidn’t these pillows turn out absolutely lovely! For $15 a yard of fabric, which I managed to get on a mega sale, I made myself three brand new pillows that have totally transformed the living room.

But why limit yourself to new throw pillow covers for the home, why not make custom pillows for a tea party bridal shower or wedding lounge area. Now that’s one creative DIY wedding project I can get behind!The Easiest "No Sew" Pillow Cover Ever | Dreamery EventsThe Easiest "No Sew" Pillow Cover Ever | Dreamery Events

How many pillows are too many really? I say not enough!

Happy Spring crafting!

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