The Most Creative Easter Eggs Ever!

The Most Creative Easter Eggs Ever | Dreamery EventsLong gone are the days of dyeing Easter eggs in plain old colors from box kits. Been there, dipped that. These days Easter eggs are defying creative norms with natural dyes made from food, painted florals, modern shapes or transformed into gilded gems. They’re not just eggs, these DIY’s are tiny art masterpieces. I have to say these floral eggs are by far my favorite Easter idea this year. The second I received this month’s issue of Martha Stewart Living, I fell absolutely in love. Honestly every DIY in the issue is just perfect and I’ve featured all of them. I haven’t dyed eggs in years, but after seeing so many naturally dyed eyes I think next year I definitely have to make time to test out these tricks. Oh, and these woodland animal eggs, I mean how stinkin’ adorable!!

But seriously hasn’t every Easter egg idea this year been totally wonderful?! Check out even more creative ideas to decorate your Easter eggs below…

Flower Power

 Flower Crown Eggs | Hanging Floral Tree Eggs | Painted Botanical Eggs | Cactus EggsFloral Stamped Eggs {top image}

Modern Chic 

Polka Dot Eggs |  Puffy Paint Eggs | Nail Polish Marble Eggs | Modern Brushstroke Eggs | Indigo Eggs|

Animal Fun

The Golden Bunny Egg | Woodland Creature Eggs | Unicorn Eggs | Farm Animal Eggs |

Gilded Gems 

Flash Tattoo Eggs | Glitter Eggs | Copper Leaf + Tissue Paper Eggs | Sequin Eggs |


Spring-y Eggs | Piñata Surprise Eggs | Confetti Eggs | Donut Eggs |

Au Natural 

 Paper Doily Eggs | Neutral + White Eggs | Natural Tea Dyed Eggs | Cement Eggs |

Happy Easter crafting!

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