How To Eat With The Seasons : A Monthly Guide

Market Basket via The Little MarketWhen it comes to executing a meal when entertaining guests for a outdoor summer party or planning your menu for your fall wedding, as an event planner and baker, my tip is to stay flexible. And work with the season you’re in! You may have your heart set on using peaches in February or Figs in May, but when shopping at your farmers’ market and grocery store or meeting with your venue’s chef, you’ll ultimately face the earth shattering realization that your dream ingredients are unavailable. I’m a firm believer in eating with the seasons, not only is it healthier but since these ingredients are naturally being harvested, you’ll ensure that the produce and food you’re eating tastes its best.

You won’t find me eating asparagus or zucchini in the winter, because they simply won’t taste as fresh as during springtime. This is when you can get creative with what nature offers you! So once you’ve shaken it off and accepted that you won’t have strawberry pies at your wedding, you realize a pear tart would be just as lovely. On the contrary, guests will enjoy a seasonal based meal, much more than one forced to fit your plan. The best food comes from the freshest ingredients, so pay attention to the seasonality of the food you plan to serve.How To Eat With The Seasons : A Monthly Guide | Dreamery Events And since most don’t actually know when they’re favorite produce is in season, I’ve put together a seasonal chart letting you know all the different types of vegetables and fruits available each month of the year. As we begin to head to the farmer’s market and entertain guests more, now you’ll be prepared and inspired to create a great meal. Download this pretty Seasonal Produce Guide and hang it in your kitchen!  Season Produce List .jpg

Get ready for the rest of spring and summer months, there’s plenty of delicious produce to cook with. What produce are you most looking forward to eat this season?

Images : Market Display Stand via Yours Sincerely, Damaris | Market Basket via The Little Market


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