Meet My Summer Intern!

Meet My Summer Intern! | Dreamery EventsIn case you missed it, earlier this month I shared the news I’d be adding a summer intern to the Dreamery Events team. And she couldn’t come at a more perfect time! Things around here have gotten pretty busy, if you haven’t noticed the sparse blog posts lately, well it’s because I’ve been busy working on events and other business projects. Oh, and I’ve mentioned I’d be going away but hadn’t yet shared where. Well today I’m back in Portugal, or the Motherland as I often refer to it, where I’ll be staying for almost a month. I’ve got a few trips planned around the country, but for the most part will be enjoying my family and feeling at home amongst the mountains and nature. Kayla, our intern, will be a big help with upcoming parties, along with giving me the time needed to focus on the site redesign, and you’ll be seeing her a lot more on the blog. Stay tuned for weekly wedding posts from her, along with some of her personal favorites, vlogs {as you can see these aren’t my forte}. I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve!

Kayla may be new to the event planning industry, but I can already tell she loves weddings and planning events, she’s pretty enthusiastic. Check out her adorable video below! I’m looking forward to having her as part of my team, and all the creativity she will bring to Dreamery Events!

In Kayla’s Words….Hello Dreamery Readers! My name is Kayla, and I am the newest addition to the Dreamery team! I will be interning this summer with Diana and helping to create magical memories for clients and dream up ideas to help inspire others!

A little about me, I’m a senior in college where I am studying Hospitality and Tourism Management. My passion for event management and Hospitality started last spring when I did an internship with Disney and spent four magical months living in Orlando and making guests happy everyday. I fell in love with the idea that I can help people celebrate the special moments in their lives because I truly feel that life is worth celebrating. At the time I was a Media Studies major at a different college and I decided to bite the bullet and transfer schools to follow my passion for making people happy.

I am so excited to be working with Diana this summer and helping make magic for our clients together! I will be writing blogs every other week and making videos so you can all get to know me!

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