Monthly Reflections | June

Monthly Reflections | June | Dreamery EventsIt’s been quiet some time since I’ve stopped by the blog. Two months to be exact since I checked in with you and shared how things with Dreamery Events have been going. Well plenty has happened. For starters if you follow along on Instagram, you may have noticed my monthlong trip to Portugal. Yes a whole month, and yet it wasn’t nearly enough time!

Before leaving for my time away, I was busy with dessert orders, then threw a lovely Mother’s Day Brunch. Once I arrived in Portugal I became a tourist and vacationed at two of the country’s biggest cities, celebrated my 28th birthday surrounded by a house full of family, good food, homemade wine and a show-stopping berry-filled pie all grown from family farms, reconnected with loved ones, cherished time with grandparents, found peace and fell even more in love with this European country, that I consider more than anything else, home. Get ready for plenty of posts from my Portuguese travels, but don’t worry I’ll try not to overload you all at once, mostly because I don’t want to torture myself with so much “saudade”.

But to say the two weeks after returning back to the states have been a whirlwind is an understatement. A few days upon my arrival, I put together my cousins’ Sprinkles Shower/Father’s Day Party, which I can’t wait to share with you soon. My intern Kayla was definitely a huge help for this, if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think my vacation would have been as worthwhile as it was.

There wasn’t any stopping after that either, because last week my gears kicked up even higher. This past weekend I had my last event for the summer, a super fun, oh so colorful “Dinomite” 3rd birthday. There were plenty of details and decor that needed to be done for this adorable girly dinosaur party, and we got it all done effortlessly. And despite the crazy weather constantly changing our plans, my intern knocked it out again. This party was definitely one of the most out of the box themes I’ve done, and really challenged my creative abilities. It’s so fun, and dare I say, empowering for little girls. I mean how many 3 year old darlings are obsessed with Jurassic Park and want a dinosaur themed birthday party, fit with a life-size T-rex! Seriously, once I share this party with you, you’ll not only fall in love with it but this vivacious little girl too.

Dreamery Events may be taking a break from the event side of things for the next three weeks, but that’s not to say I won’t be busy. There’s a rustic baptism cake for this weekend, then the next two weeks I’ll be teaching kids’ cooking camps. The kitchen will be my home, but I’ll still manage a break to help my intern, Kayla, with a special styling for the Fall. Monthly Reflections | June | Dreamery EventsIt will actually be nice to enjoy the rest of summer. I feel since the holidays I’ve been non-stop. If it wasn’t set in stone events, it was last minute parties, stylings or desserts. A true break didn’t happen and days to myself were few and far between. But Portugal made me realize that I need more of a balance, I’ve been working on the business so much that I had forgotten what being present and true relaxation was. There will be plenty of gardening, farmer’s market trips and new recipe creations. I’ve got a list of DIY’s I’ve been meaning to tackle for months, that I will finally have the time to do. But more importantly the new website has slowly begun it’s redesign!

With that, in the coming weeks, you may notice the site have a few issues but something great awaits. The new website is exactly what Dreamery Events needs to grow and reach more amazing clients, like you. I can’t wait until it’s all done! In the meantime, I’ve got plenty of pretty things to share with you!

How are your goals coming along? Do you have some fun summer plans ahead??


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