10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery EventsYour bridal party of loved ones, whether family or friends, stand by you through your entire wedding planning journey — dress shopping, cake tasting, guest list spreadsheets and last-minute favor making, for no other reason than their love for you. There’s a reason you chose a certain group of ladies, and gentlemen, for this special honor which they will take more than seriously. It is your big day after all, they’ll always be there for you, and you’ll need their hope more than ever, so it’s important to not just do whatever you want. A true friend will keep certain important things in mind, like costs and schedules, so that their favorite gals and guys are happy.

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery EventsIf you really love your bridal party, you’ll stay in tune with your best friends and make sure to follow these simple steps throughout your planning process, and keep them happier than the day you asked them to join you down the aisle. So, let’s ensure your bridal party has a great experience, {and your friendship stays solid!)} with these 10 simple tips…

1. Make Your Expectations Known from the Start

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery EventsTell your bridesmaids and groomsmen right from the start what you expect of them. Do you just want them to show up and support you on your wedding day, or do you want them there throughout all the small details, like invitations addressing and filling up welcome bags? By letting them know upfront, no one will end up frustrated because they didn’t understand the commitment being part of your wedding would be. Don’t assume they know everything about being a bridesmaid, for some it can be there first time. It’s key to keep your bridal party on the same page as each other’s family, especially when it comes to big events, like showers, to avoid conflicts. At the end of the day, they want you to be happy and have the wedding of your dreams.

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2. Respect Their Personal Lives

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery EventsThroughout your wedding planning process, certain bridal party members will step up to the plate, taking on more responsibilities, while others might decide to take a step back from all the tasks you need done due to their own responsibitlies, saw law school. Remember to be mindful of each person’s person life and don’t let anyone feel pressured if others aren’t quite pulling their weight. The same goes for creating schedules and setting appointments, stay open to everyone’s needs and accessibility. If some of your bridesmaids can’t help the others with your bridal shower, then reach out to parents and other family members. When it comes to your wedding day, plenty of loved ones are willing to pitch in, so take advantage as you need it.

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3. Be Gentle on Bank Accounts 

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery EventsAh, money, it’s always a touchy subject. Your bridal party spends quite bit, from dresses, to hair, gifts, parties and travel expenses, just to name a few. Did you know the average cost of being a bridesmaid is $1,500? Yes, that is a lot! It’s important to keep these into consideration, so make each person comfortable to share their budget needs with you. Another tip, aim to keep travel to a minimum throughout the planning process. No one should feel pressured to give an extravagant shower present if they can’t, or if most gals can’t afford a get-away bachelorette weekend, have a low key get-together, like an at-home spa, to accommodate everyone’s financial situation. Remember no amount of money beats spending quality time together with your guys and gals.

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4. Stay Organized

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery EventsThe special people who have agreed to be in your bridal party expect they’ll be called upon during the wedding planning process, but please give everyone plenty of notice! Don’t be that couple who leaves things for last minute, and is scrambling to get everyone together to assemble favors. If you don’t have a wedding planner, a good tip is to create a game plan beforehand of who needs to do what on your big day, including those you feel will complete the task the best, those willing to take projects on, and even a back up of those who have offered to help for those last minute to-do’s that will happen.  Want to make it really easy on everyone, and yourselves, give them a schedule, with plenty of fun breaks, for you big day!

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5. Help Them Get to Know Each Other

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery EventsThe loved ones chosen to be in your bridal party are all special to you, but most might not each other very well. Eliminate any awkwardness right from the start by hosting a bridal party brunch so everyone can meet each other, including your parents and junior bridesmaids too. Create social media groups and text groups, so everyone stays in the loop. As the bride and groom, you are the glue in this loving group so it’s your job to encourage everyone to hang out and get along. A wedding isn’t just about the couple, it’s a new union of family and friends.

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery Events

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6. Be Flexible with Attire

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery EventsThere’s nothing more annoying and frustrating than trying to get ten different body types and personalities into one beautiful style dress. That’s why I’m all about asking your ladies what they want to wear. Don’t worry, even with a super specific vision you can be open to styles they like to see on their bodies. Offer them an array of dresses to try and choose from or even create a style board of what you’ve envisioned and ask them to send you several options they love so that you can choose. Mix and match bridesmaid dresses is the best trend to make everyone happy, but if you’re set on having a uniform look, just keep various body types into consideration. Trust me—your friends will look great if they feel great.

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery Events

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7. Remember Everything Won’t Always be About the Wedding

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery EventsSimply put, be a good friend. Yes, everything is leading up to your special day so it’s easy to forget there’s a world outside of your wedding. Make a conscious effort to talk to your friends about other things in your lives that aren’t wedding related. Whether it’s to catch up on how they’re doing, or their big project at work, your friends will appreciate being in your bridal party even more. First and foremost, they’re your friends, don’t forget to treat them that way!

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery Events

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8. Stay Calm

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery EventsPre-wedding stress is bound to happen when planning a milestone celebration, so don’t think twice if during a particularly stressful week, you lose your cool over favors. The best thing you can do is to stay calm. The last thing you need is to lash out and become overbearing to your bridal party. They’re there for you to rely on and bring you back down to earth, and remind you to not sweat the small stuff. Are different shades of champagne table linens really going to make a difference in your marriage?

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9. Make Them Feel Special

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery EventsYour bridal party is looking forward to your wedding just as much as you are, and they’re putting in time, effort and money for your big day. Make sure to make your besties feel appreciated and loved. A plus one is a must, include them on your wedding website along with a short blurb about your friendship, and of course gift them with something special. Instead of waiting until the last minute and scrambling to find something to gift your party, put serious thought into what you think each would love and could use. In recent years, it’s become a meaningful trend for brides to gift their maids with pretty jewelry they can wear for the wedding and cherish for years to come. For the gentlemen, gift them with custom items you know they will use, like a beer pint, flask or cuff links.

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10. Say “Thank You”…A LOT

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery EventsYou don’t have to make your bridal party feel special with luxury gifts, just by saying thank you, a lot, for everything they do is worth more than anything. Write your ladies thoughtful cards throughout the process, or gift both the maids and groomsmen, with custom gift boxes on your wedding day filled with sweet treasures. The same works for receiving with grace. So you pictured a chic afternoon tea bridal shower, but instead got an outdoor barbecue, or got a wild night at the club rather than an afternoon wine tasting. Even if you don’t love certain party activities or things your gifted by your bridal party, be generous and appreciated of what they’ve worked so hard on, because they love you.

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery Events

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Being a bridesmaid, or groomsman, can be stressful, so treat your friends with the respect they deserve and they’ll be more than happy to stand alongside your on your wedding day!

10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy | Dreamery Events

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