Celebrating the 4th of July

Before we wave our flags in the sunshine and head down to sandy shores, ride our bicycles along lighthouses, drying off from the salty sea, here’s a little inspiration for celebrating our Nation’s 237th Birthday! The humid summer days of the east coast require my unruly curls to be put up into this side braided bun. My patriotic outfit needs to … More Celebrating the 4th of July

Toasted Marshmallow No Churn Ice Cream

Ah June, you are definitely here gracing us with summer weather, and everything it brings…carefree days by the water or casual backyard gatherings with loved ones that turn into great nights. There are so many wonderful nostalgic things that summer brings, don’t you think? Like the sound of the ice cream truck, weekend beach trips, and firework filled skies. … More Toasted Marshmallow No Churn Ice Cream

Friday Favorites

It’s my first full day in Portugal, so naturally this week would’ve consisted mostly of prepping for a three-week vacation in another country, but it was quite the opposite. Summers in Portugal are a much easier trip to pack than fall or winter, choosing clothes is quite easy for me. The week instead consisted of … More Friday Favorites

Strawberry Peach and Basil Galette for Bastille Day

Bastille Day, is the French national holiday, which celebrates the storming of the Bastille and marked the beginning of the French Revolution, signaling the end of the king’s power. Bastille Day is the French version of our Independence day, where fireworks and patriotic processions light up the oh so chic French streets. And of course it’s only … More Strawberry Peach and Basil Galette for Bastille Day

4th of July Inspiration

It’s almost time to celebrate the biggest birthday in the country, good ole’ America! The 4th of July is the ultimate All-American summer holiday, where we gather to the beach or lake, and spend an entire weekend in the water swimming or boating, laying in the sun, grilling, and sharing carefree happy moments with loved ones. This year, unlike … More 4th of July Inspiration