Traveling to…Sentinel Peak “A” Mountain

It’s been over a month since I took my first trip up to Sentinel Peak “A” Mountain, better known as the Big A, with Brittany and the pups. After spending afternoons on the balcony overlooking the Big A in the far distance I finally got to be beside it, overlooking downtown Tucson, and our apartment.  In … More Traveling to…Sentinel Peak “A” Mountain

Monthly Reflections | March

What a month March has been! Here I was thinking it would calm a bit down, but in turn things got pretty busy around these parts. Spring finally started, but not really because we got hit with a snowstorm here on the east coast, luckily it wasn’t as bad we were expecting. But the days … More Monthly Reflections | March

I’m Loving…

My summer of music continues this weekend, because I’m finally, FINALLY, going to see Coldplay!! They have pretty much been one of my all time favorite bands ever since I first began to fall deeply in love with music, so I’m pretty excited to see them during their expected last tour {say it ain’t so}. I’m still … More I’m Loving…

Creating Your Own Full Moon Altar

So today’s post is something totally different from others posts I’ve shared, but it’s about a part of my life that is important; meditation. I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m an expert, or a guru, but I do meditate everyday, am in tune with my spirituality and look to Sanskrit mantras for guidance. If you … More Creating Your Own Full Moon Altar