Waking Up Easy

It’s Thursday morning, just one more day ’til the weekend {well, for most people}, but it’s probably one of the hardest days to get yourself out of bed. Over a chat with a friend about our daily routines, I mentioned that I don’t drink coffee or even green tea. She was in shock, being that she’s the … More Waking Up Easy

Easter Entertaining Inspiration

Easter is just a hop away! If you’re entertaining this Easter for a brunch egg hunt or linner {lunch that can be considered dinner} and have procrastinated about what you’ll be doing for Sunday’s festivities, don’t worry. Often we want to make Easter a special affair, as it’s one of the first big holidays we celebrate the welcoming … More Easter Entertaining Inspiration

13 Effortless Ways to Balance Your Life

Achieving a better balance of your life; work and everything else included, is essential to your overall happiness. When you feel like your life isn’t balanced and out-of-whack, your work may be suffering, you can’t seem to tackle household chores alongside your hectic schedule or as much as you stay on top of things, there doesn’t seem … More 13 Effortless Ways to Balance Your Life

Spelt Waffles

I believe in quiet mornings and I believe in breakfast. And I mean serious breakfast, as in I enjoy a hearty but light meal, preferably sweet. Preferably the perfect blend of all my favorite flavors and nutritious ingredients for a well-balanced meal, that starts any day with happiness. Waffles are probably one of my favorite … More Spelt Waffles

Breakfast & Brunch

Smoothies & Juices Carrot Ginger Beet Juice Tummy Soother Smoothie  Raspberry Peanut Butter Tofu Shake Chocolate Banana Shake Chocolate Coffee Protein Smoothie Gingerbread Smoothie Melon Mint Smoothie Watermelon Agua Fresca Eats Fresh Kiwi Topped Waffle Honey-Almond Blueberry Plum Waffle Spelt Waffles Warm Berries with Greek Yogurt, Flax Seed, Mint and Fresh Ginger Roasted Apricot with Yogurt … More Breakfast & Brunch