Instagram Inspired

Well this week flew by. Gone are the Olympic games, was anyone else feeling a bit lost without seeing amazing athletics all day, and the month of August. Seriously, where did this month go?? Some kids are already back at school, and it seems like this month hit and time wanted to be cruel by speeding things … More Instagram Inspired

New York City Sailing

  I’ve realized over the years, that I’ve developed many of the sane characteristics and interests from my father. One of the major would be our love of nature, especially water. As beach lovers, I often wake up and tag along with my father for his before sunrise beach days. My father loves the ocean, while I … More New York City Sailing

I’m Loving…

I’m kicking this Monday off with everything I’m loving lately, because a new week should start off with the loveliest of things. After a week that was busy and jam-packed in the kitchen, I especially needed a rest this weekend, not even for my body, but it was my mind that was begging for rest. How did you spend the … More I’m Loving…

My Society6 Shop

This post is a short and sweet one. Have you heard of Society6, I’m sure you have, but if you haven’t it’s a great online collection of artists from all over the world, from professionals to passionate creatives like myself. You’ll find beautiful art that comes in the form of framed prints, phone cases, pillows, clothes and … More My Society6 Shop