Instagram Inspired

There is no escaping what is happening and the mixed emotions our country is facing these past few days. I myself have been feeling low too, but mostly at all the negativity. This blog of mine has been an outlet for inspiration and all things pretty and delicious, for not only you, my readers, but myself … More Instagram Inspired

Brown Butter Apple Pomegranate & Berry Crumb Whole Wheat Pie

I’m still on the search for a flaky whole wheat pie dough recipe, if you have one please share. I’ve found different ones that were fairly simple, which I enjoyed, but they didn’t taste quite like my kind of pie. Maybe it’s me but you can tell when certain people make food. Like I know … More Brown Butter Apple Pomegranate & Berry Crumb Whole Wheat Pie

Apple Grape Pie

The days have notably become cooler, having us grab our scarves and retreating by the wood burning stove. Even though, I haven’t been one for the cooler seasons, there’s a part of me that’s missing that All-American Fall. Climbing trees searching for the perfect apples of varieties you can’t find in a supermarket, being enveloped … More Apple Grape Pie