My Favorite Granola

I crave granola constantly. I’m self-diagnosed addicted to homemade granola, especially this one. It’s true, I can eat handfuls that turn into several cups in one sitting. Who else is with me? Even as I was photographing this crunchy pile of goodness, I was eating it. I’ve been poked fun at before but foods I crave or want … More My Favorite Granola

Valentine Sugar Cookie Hearts & 3 Ways to Decorate w. Sugar Crystals

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m sending you lots of love today, and I do that best with sweets. They say the way to anyone’s heart on Valentine’s, well any day, is really through their stomach. I love to celebrate this day in a sweet and simple kind of way. No over the top frills, or spending … More Valentine Sugar Cookie Hearts & 3 Ways to Decorate w. Sugar Crystals

I’m Loving…

Another month has passed, and I don’t know about you but it definitely went by too fast. Well January definitely felt productive, on both a personal and professional level. I dedicated this month to declutter; the entire house and my event storage room, and I did it! Yes, it took an entire month, and now all that’s left … More I’m Loving…

Instagram Inspired

And so, January has almost come to an end. There have been many monumental things happening in our country this month, including the Women’s March, which flooded my Instagram with some amazing and empowering images of people of both genders and all races marching, with some equally inspiring signs. It’s definitely been my favorite. And this month I’ve … More Instagram Inspired