6 Unique Pie Crusts to Impress Your Guests

Whether it’s apple, pumpkin or pecan, pie is the quintessential fall dessert especially for  Thanksgiving. But just because the flavors are classic flavors, doesn’t mean pies have to look the same every year. These days there are so many beautiful lattice pies and ones decorated with seasonal leaves all over the Internet. Lovely golden strips of pastry, cut into so many different … More 6 Unique Pie Crusts to Impress Your Guests

Classic Apple Pie

There is nothing more classic than Thanksgiving, football and of course apple pie. I’ve featured this and this version before but the classic all-american apple pie is the one staple that makes a grand statement at our Thanksgiving every year. Of all the sweets I conjure up in the kitchen, I look forward to nothing more … More Classic Apple Pie