Inspiring Words

It’s the start of a new year, and we’ve recuperated from holiday festivities, taken the time to reflect on the previous year, and made new goals for 2015. Whether it’s to lose weight, attain the dream career, travel, or just to smile more, most of our intentions are to feel good. I’m taking January to focus on getting into a … More Inspiring Words

Inspiring Words

Now that days are becoming a bit too cold for me to enjoy leaving my house, I’ve been cozying up with books. I’ve begun reading The Secret after years seeing it on my shelf. It was also of the most referenced books in one of my favorites The Passion Test. Some people prefer to read thrillers or autobiographies, I … More Inspiring Words

Inspiring Words

Now that November is upon us, Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so it’s the perfect time to give thanks. Most of us get caught up with the planning details of the holidays, but at the end of the day each have their special meaning and traditions. Thanksgiving is the day for giving thanks to people, and … More Inspiring Words

Friday Favorites

I’ve enjoyed life this week, taken a step back and stopped worrying about the littlest of things, and just let them run their course. To be honest, I feel so much more carefree, relaxed, and creatively inspired. I finally got my motivation back, yes it most definitely is the warm weather, but I also began reading the Passion … More Friday Favorites

Shoot for the Stars

I’m having a mid-week slump, from getting sick yet again due to this unexpected cold front in Tucson and busy work days, I’m just looking for some time to stop, stare at the stars, and find that small spark of motivation to live passionately. I’m looking forward to this three-day weekend so I can do … More Shoot for the Stars