New York City Sailing

  I’ve realized over the years, that I’ve developed many of the sane characteristics and interests from my father. One of the major would be our love of nature, especially water. As beach lovers, I often wake up and tag along with my father for his before sunrise beach days. My father loves the ocean, while I … More New York City Sailing

Last of Summer Loves

Yes, I know Fall is coming. I know that summer technically isn’t over until the 23rd, but the mindset and lifestyle you take on during this season, has been put on the back-burner for another year of school and full-time schedules since Labor Day. With trees already turning its beautiful colors of brown and oranges, and Halloween … More Last of Summer Loves

Friday Favorites

It’s my first full day in Portugal, so naturally this week would’ve consisted mostly of prepping for a three-week vacation in another country, but it was quite the opposite. Summers in Portugal are a much easier trip to pack than fall or winter, choosing clothes is quite easy for me. The week instead consisted of … More Friday Favorites