13 Effortless Ways to Balance Your Life

Achieving a better balance of your life; work and everything else included, is essential to your overall happiness. When you feel like your life isn’t balanced and out-of-whack, your work may be suffering, you can’t seem to tackle household chores alongside your hectic schedule or as much as you stay on top of things, there doesn’t seem … More 13 Effortless Ways to Balance Your Life

Inspiring Words

For the last month, I’ve written the word unstoppable just about every place I could. It has motivated me, reassured my self-confidence, and given me the push when days hecticaly blend into one another. I’m very connected with words and quotes, finding them to be more just inspirational, and these have become somewhat of my personal … More Inspiring Words

Inspiring Words

Happy Monday! I know not always so happy, but it’s Spring how can one not be in a good mood! It was Mother’s Day yesterday, hope you spent it well and shared your love with that special “mom” in your life…Now, I love waking up to these inspiring words every morning, but at night I enjoy … More Inspiring Words

Finding the Light

At the beginning of the year, I decided I wanted 2015 to be the year of “contentment.” But over these last two months, I have felt my word has now become “serenity.” I seek it, I call upon it during meditations, and it is what I most want to achieve, or should I say reach, this year. … More Finding the Light

Inspiring Words

It’s been some time since my last Inspiring Words post, but it’s been one whirlwind of a month. Too busy to really dedicate myself to my usual posts in the midst of work, planning some upcoming events and dessert orders. Emotionally I’ve been going through a few obstacles for quite some time now, and a year of … More Inspiring Words