Traveling to…Coimbra

Coimbra is one of Portugal’s oldest and historical cities. Clearly seen by the beautiful architecture still preserved from the Roman era. It’s what I love about this city. It’s one I’ve visited many times, taking day trips here every time I’m in Portugal, especially now that my cousin attends one of their famous universities. Coimbra is … More Traveling to…Coimbra

A Portuguese Garden + Traditional Bread Baking

If you’re a frequent reader of The Dreamery, then you know how much I love flowers and gardening. And how I dream of the day when I have my own with plenty of room, just waiting for me to grow vegetables and transform into a beautiful space, like those of English or French gardens. It wasn’t until this year’s … More A Portuguese Garden + Traditional Bread Baking

Traveling to…Sitio

It was a day trip I took twelve years ago, but it was these views from the must-see old village atop a cliff in Nazare, that inspired this three-day trip with the family this year. I remember my first time here, being in awe of how beautiful it all looked from the top and longing to be on … More Traveling to…Sitio

Traveling to…Nazaré

Have you heard of post vacation depression? Yes, it’s definitely a real thing, especially when you’ve returned from two and half weeks in an European country. And not just any European country, but to Portugal, a place I would spend my two month-long summer vacations year after year, with family close by and nothing but nature and … More Traveling to…Nazaré