Instagram Inspired

Goodness there have been so many pretty, fun and delicious things on Instagram, and there’s no escaping it. There was plenty of red, white and blue all over this weekend, but from gorgeous weddings, stunning sunsets, calming beaches, fun festivals, ice cream on ice cream, and amazing vacations; spending just a few minutes on Instagram can instantly … More Instagram Inspired

Brownie Cookies

Okay, so I’m totally proposing the idea of dessert picnics. And what’s one of the best sweet treats to bring on a picnic…cookies! They’re mess free, easy to transport plenty of, and they come in every flavor imaginable. Plus, when days are hot, who wants to be putting down a heavy sugary piece of cake. I’ve … More Brownie Cookies

Toasted Marshmallow No Churn Ice Cream

Ah June, you are definitely here gracing us with summer weather, and everything it brings…carefree days by the water or casual backyard gatherings with loved ones that turn into great nights. There are so many wonderful nostalgic things that summer brings, don’t you think? Like the sound of the ice cream truck, weekend beach trips, and firework filled skies. … More Toasted Marshmallow No Churn Ice Cream