10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy

Your bridal party of loved ones, whether family or friends, stand by you through your entire wedding planning journey — dress shopping, cake tasting, guest list spreadsheets and last-minute favor making, for no other reason than their love for you. There’s a reason you chose a certain group of ladies, and gentlemen, for this special honor which … More 10 Ways To Keep Your Bridal Party Happy

I’m Loving…

Okay, seriously what is up with time lately? Is it go by with turbo speed, or is it just me, but it feels like I was sharing my loves just yesterday, and not two weeks ago. Whoa! And yet I feel like I haven’t been overly productive, yet have been so busy. Have I overloaded … More I’m Loving…

Instagram Inspired

It’s the end of September already, yes, I feel like I just said this about August yesterday. Will I ever get used to it not being warm and sunny all year round?! Who knows, but I’m trying to mentally bypass that October is here, and that this chilly weather will only bring on more cold. *major sigh* … More Instagram Inspired

Instagram Inspired

Well there’s no change in time guys, it’s just going by faster and faster. Hello, it’s mid-September already. This last month got pretty busy planning and putting the final decorative touches for large wedding during Labor Day weekend, so time for posting was minimal, but I did manage to save lots of pretty photos from … More Instagram Inspired