#Hashtag or #NoHashtag! Why Wedding Hashtags Are Wonderful!

In a world where we are consuming more information than ever on a daily basis, things can get lost in cyberspace pretty quickly. The world online seems to be organized in a series of hashtags, so why not use them to your advantage on your wedding day? Hashtags, for those who do not know, are … More #Hashtag or #NoHashtag! Why Wedding Hashtags Are Wonderful!

Instagram Inspired

And so, January has almost come to an end. There have been many monumental things happening in our country this month, including the Women’s March, which flooded my Instagram with some amazing and empowering images of people of both genders and all races marching, with some equally inspiring signs. It’s definitely been my favorite. And this month I’ve … More Instagram Inspired

Amy & Enrique’s Romantic Ballroom Wedding

It’s Wednesday, already I know, but I’m excited to finally share this special wedding I was lucky enough to work on this past Labor Day weekend with today. This wedding is classic romance meets traditional pretty with plenty of personal unique touches. From the bride’s beautiful beaded gown she paired with Converse sneakers, to the prettiest pink roses, … More Amy & Enrique’s Romantic Ballroom Wedding

Jenny & Roberto’s Gatsby Inspired Wedding

Over the past year, I’ve shared several milestone celebrations from this beautiful couple, who happen to be my wonderful cousins. I was honored, not to mention ecstatic, about being able to help plan and style their Gatsby inspired backyard bridal shower, and then just a few months ago, baby Luca’s adorable puppy and storybooks shower. Yes, there’s an even bigger, … More Jenny & Roberto’s Gatsby Inspired Wedding